How Can You Tell if the Suit is Bespoke?

With technological advancements happening each day that passes, information is readily available. This enables people to try out new ideas and techniques for doing things. As times change, so does fashion. No matter how much fashion changes, one thing that remains outstanding for a very long time is a bespoke suit. The timeless service of bespoke suits can be attributed to the masterful craftsmanship and superior fabric that goes into the construction of one. However, without careful observation, some people can be duped into buying ready-made suits in place of bespoke ones. This article explains the distinctive features that can help you to identify a bespoke suit.

Construction and Workmanship

The construction of bespoke suits entails a series of fitting phases. The first fit, known as basted fitting acts as a blueprint for the making of the final outfit. It is arrived at by taking the exact measurements of the wearer’s body, something that allows them to rock their unique physical appearance. In the later stages of the construction, another fitting is done to accommodate adjustments and unique customer demands and styles. As a result, you have a perfectly fitting suit that sometimes comes with a label of quality or a craftsman’s signature. These are used to showcase the pride and the premium craftsmanship invested in the work.

Handmade Elements

Subtle details in bespoke suits like lapels, buttonholes, and seams are hand-stitched to allow for more comfort and durability. This enables the outfit to move naturally and withstand wear and tear. This explains the large number of hours invested in the making of bespoke suits, something that does not happen with readymade suits. The firm shoulders you see on bespoke suits are made by sewing a piece of canvas material between the lining and outer fabric. You can feel the canvas by gently pinching the outfit in areas like the lapel. This helps in achieving a sturdy appearance thereby contributing to the long life of the outfit.

Bespoke white tuxedo for your wedding day

Superior Fabric and Materials

Another distinctive feature that characterizes bespoke suits is the premium fabric and materials used to construct them. High-grade cotton, cashmere, silk, and linen are used to produce finely refined patterns, colors and weaves. The result is a highly breathable, comfortable and durable outfit that makes heads roll. Outfits made of such superior fabric and materials are lint-free and seamless in all angles and weaves.

Appearance and Feel

Bespoke suits are tailored to the exact dimensions that contribute to unparalleled comfort and elegant drape, both of which ensure that the suit perfectly fluids over the wearer’s body. It is this perfect fit that gives the wearer confidence since the outfit is neither very lose or very tight. Patterns, lines, seams and weaves in bespoke suits align in perfect symmetry with the jacket hemline, lapels and trouser seams. Elements and details like pocket placement, lapel width, and button alignment are meticulously planned to enhance the overall aesthetic and balance of the outfit.

Fit and Customization

To eliminate the ‘too loose’ or ‘too tight’ nature that often characterizes ready-made suits, bespoke suits are designed to contour every unique curve and angle of the wearer’s suit. This means that the length of the jacket, sleeve, trouser and the width of the lapels are all proportional to the wearer’s body, thereby providing a balanced look.

The design and construction process of a bespoke suit begins with the tailor extensively taking measurements of the customer. In turn, the measurements are used to make a unique paper pattern, which serves as a blueprint for cutting perfect fit fabric. The custom pattern is unique to every wearer and ensures that every aspect conforms to their body, eliminating common fit issues like gaping at the neck or bouncing at the shoulders.

From fit and customization, superior fabric and material, premium craftsmanship, detailing and personalization, you can easily differentiate a bespoke suit from ready-made suits. However, for you to comfortably do this, you have to have an eye for details and precision, as well as a passion for the outfit. For you to achieve these qualities in your outfit, you have to ensure you are buying from a very experienced craftsman. Through referrals from friends, family and neighbors, checking local directly and conducting an online search, you can easily land a great tailor. The moment you get a few leads, be sure to evaluate their customer feedback and ratings as these can give you an insight into a good tailor.