Our Details

We believe investing in high quality products will yield a longer shelf-life. Which is why each of our garments is meticulously constructed with the highest tailoring standards in mind. Offering the best possible quality in the industry.

Exclusive Fabric Mills

Jacket & Lapel Styles

Single Breasted
1, 2 or 3 Buttons Notch or Peak Lapels

Double Breasted
4, 6 or 8 Buttons
Peak Lapel

Peak Lapel
Peak lapel width:
2.5″ to 4.875″

Notch Lapel
Peak lapel Notch lapel width: 2.5″ to 4.25″

Classic & Fun Lining Options

Full Canvas Construction

The canvas of a suit is like its bones. Not only will it help give it structure and durability, but the canvas will mold to your chest from your body heat as your wear it. Many other brands use glue, or fusing, which can bubble over time and will not drape as well as the canvassed garment. Our canvas is made of horse-hair and cotton that is fabricated and treated to yield a better performing garment each and every time.

Hand Rolled Lapels

Each lapel is hand rolled which allows for a more graceful lapel roll. The button placement, gorge level and lapel width will all play on each other creating a finished product that looks as elegant as it is comfortable.

Handsewn Milanese Buttonhole

One of the signs of a high quality garment are the hand-finishing touches. None of which are as special as the Milanese buttonhole. Each one takes around an hour of detailed hand work to achieve.  You will be hard pressed to find functioning buttonholes on most off-the-rack suits, let alone fully functioning finishing touches like this.

Surgeon Cuffs Functions Sleeves

During World War II, surgeons typically wore sport coats when doing surgery on soldiers. Having the need to roll up their sleeves, they needed functional sleeves. This bespoke detail became known as Surgeon’s Cuffs and are a staple in any custom jacketing. Due to the buttonholes being punched in functional sleeves, the accuracy of the sleeve is vastly more important as they can’t be moved.

Accent Color Threads

There are hundreds of customization options when designing your custom garments. None are more common than an accent thread on the sleeve or lapel. Adding a subtle, pop of color can go a long way in showcasing your custom garment. Whether you want to go more bold, or tone it down, an accent will surely add a custom feel to your jacket.

Handsewn Buttons

Staying in line with the hand work making these garments special, the buttonholes are also sewn by hand. You can usually tell as there are small imperfections when done by hand. These illustrate the thoughtfulness of each thread and are a hallmark when designing your bespoke garment.

Reinforced Buttons with Anchors

Beyond the hand work, there are many functional elements to our garments. Button anchors ensure your buttons are more secure. That little extra enforcement will give you the confidence that your buttons will not be falling off anytime soon.

Higher Armholes

Another functional element are our higher armholes. Every client’s body is different, but your Clothier will determine your arm hole height which will give you broader range of motion. A higher armhole will also alleviate the suit from rising up when you raise your hands.

Pockets and Vents

Every detail is up for grabs when designing and each detail says something different. A ticket pocket is historically more casual, similar to patch pockets. Side vents are ideal although center vents are historically more formal. Your Clothier will walk you through all the options to make the optimal decision.