What Is the Difference Between a Wedding Suit And A Formal Suit?

A wedding suit or a tuxedo are usually worn in more formal or special events as compared to a normal suit which can be worn for any situation. At first glance, many people may not even know the differences between a tuxedo and a suit. And at the rate new tuxedo and suit styles are coming out each year, it’s becoming even harder to differentiate between them.

Who can forget James Bond in his classic black tuxedo, white shirt, and bowtie?

But today, the simple style of black and white for a tuxedo is being replaced by newer colors and styles.

Tailor cutting fabric for bespoke suit

As such, if you decide to wear a tuxedo for your wedding, you now have more options to choose from, just like with a formal suit.

The Main Difference Between A Suit And A Tuxedo

There are a few key differences between these types of suits and what should be worn alongside them. These set the tuxedo apart from a formal suit and can help you decide what you should wear on your wedding day or when you’re invited to a wedding:

  • The use of satin – One of the main differences is that tuxedos have some detail of satin. Whether it is satin-faced lapels or a satin side-stripe down the pant leg, tuxedos have them and suits do not. With modern tuxedos, you will find the use of satin is limited to thin trims. On a suit, however, the jacket, lapel, and pants all consist of the same material.
  • The shirt style – Tuxedos are almost always worn with white shirts that have a wing collar or a turndown collar. Suits, on the other hand, can be worn with any variety of shirt styles and colors. Depending on the theme of your wedding, you can decide whether to wear a suit or tuxedo.
  • The shoe pairing – You only wear black patent shoes with tuxedos. With suits, you can even wear loafers, or slip-on shoes if that’s what you prefer.
  • Accompanying accessories – Suits are more versatile than tuxedos and can be dressed up or down with accessories. You can also wear both bowties and long ties with it. A tuxedo though is always worn with a self-tied bowtie and can be accompanied by suspenders, a waistcoat, and a cummerbund. Though if you prefer, you can even wear long ties to stand out from the crowd.

Pricing – Suits Versus Tuxedos

Your budget will be the main determinant for what type of suit you are going to wear. In general, a tuxedo is more expensive than a suit, though if you’re able to splurge a little, the tuxedo will give you a more sharp and formal look suited to a wedding.

Typically, a tuxedo can cost up to $1000 for just the jacket and the pants. This is not including the accessories, shirts, and shoes that go along with it. In total, you may be looking at a cost ranging between $1000 – $1500 for a well-made suit.

A ready-made suit or even a tailored suit will cost less overall. If you’re new to purchasing them, then a good starting point is $500. The price of a suit increases depending on the clothing pattern, the fabric, suit construction, and brand name.

If purchasing a tuxedo is too expensive, then you also have the option of renting one out. You can rent a high-quality tux for anywhere between $200 – $500 depending on the style and fabric you choose. These usually come with all the accessories included, as well as the shirt, vest, and shoes. However, if you are planning on wearing a tux for more than one occasion, you would be better off investing in it now and adding it to your suit collection.

Buying Bespoke

A wedding is a formal and memorable event and you will want to dress your best. While a suit has its many purposes, nothing can beat the elegance of a well-fitted, high-quality tuxedo. Also, a tuxedo does not limit you to only wearing black and white. Over recent years, men have decided to show off their personalities by adding their own flair to the tux with different colored shirts, jackets, and ties.

If you’re still on the fence about what to wear, you can speak to one of our experts at BBespoke and get their recommendation. Our expertise can help you choose a style that best fits your personality and occasion.