Custom-Made Apparel for Men:

Bespoke Suits, Shoes, Tuxedos for Weddings & more.


Men… Leave nothing to chance for your next special event.  From image consulting and custom tailoring to suits, custom tuxedo’s and shoes for a flawless presentation… Bespoke apparel is our passion.

Your clothes will look like they were made for you…because they are.  

Custom Mens Suits in NJ & NYC with personal attention to every detail.

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What is Bespoke and Why Bespoke?

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Powerful 1st Impressions Made Easy with BBespoke!

Bespoke and Custom Apparel Explained


Bespoke is personal service by definition.  True customization is personal.  At BBespoke, personal service is our specialty and we have many ways to serve you in NJ and NYC Area.  Our custom tuxedo, and custom mens suit and tailoring services go far beyond just the material itself. 

Our owner, Bijan Zamanian, is personally involved with every new client to make sure nothing is left to chance.  We will even come to your place at home or office in New Jersey or New York (Consultations by video outside of our NJ & NYC travel area).

Questions? Please contact us and discuss your vision, your event, and your needs today.

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Message from BBespoke Founder, Bijan Zamanian:

“I am a true believer that looking good leads to feeling good! And that great service is the most important element to building long-term relationships. And as things always evolve, so evolves how people shop. I believe shopping more efficiently, taking the guesswork out of Fit and Style, leads to a better experience and makes dressing fun!” 


Our Showroom, located in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey is now open! We welcome you to make an appointment and come visit us! We would be happy to discuss your custom clothing needs, come up with the perfect suit for your upcoming event and even show you some of the best shoe designs we have available. Contact Us today!

What is a Bespoke or Custom Suit?

Custom can refer to a variety of things.  For example, a suit manufacturer has the authority to describe it as “custom” if he or she chooses a colorful lining or decorative buttons. In the end, “custom” means you had some input into the suit’s design, but it doesn’t necessarily indicate the outfit was designed for your body. A tailor can make alterations to a tailored suit or tuxedo that is created at a factory.  In other words, technically, bespoke and custom suits are different, however many use the words interchangeably so it can get a little confusing. 

What Does Bespoke Mean and Where Does it Originate?

Since the 1700s, the tailors on London’s Savile Row have been manufacturing bespoke suits that have become world-renowned, and many believe that the phrase “bespoke suit” originated there as well. The origins of the term are a little hazy, but many believe that because you had to speak to a tailor to have a custom suit built, the bolt of fabric chosen by the client was initially referred to as “spoken for,” and the phrase was simplified to “bespoke” over time.  

What’s the Difference Between
Tailored and Bespoke Suits?

Tailored Suits

There is a fairly large distinction between a suit that has been fashioned to fit a customer and a suit that is truly custom made, as we mentioned above.

Tailored clothes are constructed from suits that have already been prepared for “off-the-shelf” or “off-the-rack” measurements, and though they are guaranteed to fit a client perfectly – or almost precisely, in some cases – they won’t achieve the fit and style intricacies that a bespoke suit will, but tailored clothes are a giant step up from simply purchasing off-the-rack alone. 

A tailored suit is all about measurements and fit and taking a one-size fits all and making it a precise fit for you. 

Bespoke Suits

Bespoke suits are as good as it gets.  These are more than suits, they are products of precision that take time, care, and personal attention from start to finish. 

Bespoke suits and custom tuxedos are the only suits that are truly custom-made, which is why they cost so much more than suits that are purchased and tailored – even from the world’s best and most influential designers. We’re not just talking about fabric and measurements here; we’re talking about the actual dimensions of the suit’s elements, the way the cuff and pants will strike different regions of the body, the pitch and angle of the collar and lapel, the lining, the clothing and a lot more. 

If you’re looking for something truly unique in NJ and NYC Area, a custom suit from BBespoke is the way to go.  A bespoke suit is an investment in you, the individual.  Live outside on NJ or NYC? We can still help you. Contact us today.

We Provide Both Bespoke Suits & Tailored Suits in NJ, NYC & Beyond.

Every individual is unique and has different clothing needs.  We not only customize clothing to the individual, we also customize the clothing to the situation and objectives of the individual.  A professional tailor will take time to know and understand his client and will deliver to his needs and his budget.  While we are very price conscience and will deliver an incredible value, BBespoke will not cut corners as our reputation is far more important than any individual sale.  Our tailors are highly trained and our customers deserve and demand the very best.  Our tailored suits are precisely crafted from the finest manufacturers in men’s clothing.  We do provide free consultations and are more than happy to make sure you are comfortable with your purchase.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.  Contact us today.

Getting Married?

Ready to spoil yourself with custom clothing?  Custom tuxedos are our specialty. Whether you are getting married, in the wedding party, or simply want to be the best dressed man at the wedding, BBespoke will tailor your custom tuxedo or your custom suit to perfection.  We make sure that looking great isn’t something you need to worry about when you are attending your special events. Designing your custom suit or tuxedo will be a fun experience from the comfort of your own home or office. We will explore a variety of options and walk you through each, helping make the best choice for your BIG DAY!

Everything can get started with a simple phone call to discuss your needs.  That’s what this is all about…Your needs!  Custom suits and tuxedos tailored to your taste and desires.  Get ready NJ and NYC!  When heads start turning and looking at you, don’t be surprised.  It’s probably one of the first things you will notice after you enter the room.  In fact, it may be hard for some to keep their hands off of you.  That is how much impact a custom made tux or suit can have.  BBespoke is excited to discuss your special event needs with you.  Contact Us Today!

What Our Clients Are Saying…

“This was my first time purchasing custom clothing and after working with BBespoke, I am absolutely hooked. I had my fitting with Bijan and he was 100% focused on me during the meeting. He came to my home which was super convenient given my busy schedule…

I anticipate expanding my business wardrobe quite a bit in the upcoming months and definitely plan to use BBespoke again.”
– Keith Olsen, Hamilton, NJ

“I’ve always had large thighs and could never fit into pants growing up. Jackets also never fit correctly, even after tailoring. Bijan introduced me to custom clothing, custom suits, custom shirts and custom tuxedos and I’ll never buy from anywhere else. I know they’ll fit every time and I never have to drive to the mall.

I highly recommend shopping private and custom with Bijan. All my clothes fit exactly how I want. Five stars!”
– Craig Chomsky, New York, NY