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Find The Best Custom Suits & Bespoke Clothing in New Jersey!

Bespoke clothing is more than simply buying expensive shirts, pants, and shoes.  Bespoke clothing in NJ is where your own custom look for those very rare social events in New Jersey that cannot be left to chance.  A custom suit not only looks good, but every inch of that suit was tailor made to fit like a glove and almost massage your body ever so lightly as it touches your skin.  In New Jersey, it is easy to fine expensive clothes, but again, that is NOT what Bespoke is all about.  Bespoke is about You!  All about You.  The fit, the look, the design, the material and the occasion.  This is customization at its finest and it starts with a 1-on-1 visit with your personal clothier, Bijan Zamanian, Owner of BBespoke Apparel in Northern New Jersey.

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Bespoke Suits  – Look and Feel Your Best!

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Bespoke is always custom but a custom suit is not always tailored to your body.  Sounds confusing, but just note a bespoke suit or tuxedo is “tailored” to YOU.  A custom suit is a custom suit, but not always custom to your specific body.  This is what sets bespoke clothing apart.  Sounds like we are splicing hairs here, but it is important to know what you are paying and we are happy to explain.  Prices are already high enough in NJ without understanding where your hard earned money is going.  The value is in the customization at every level.   So, lets be sure to explain…  Custom can refer to a variety of things.  For example, a suit manufacturer has the authority to describe it as “custom” if he or she chooses a certain  lining or even designer buttons or cufflinks.  This is “custom” but it is not bespoke!  Basically, “custom” means you had some input into the suit’s design, but it doesn’t necessarily indicate the outfit was designed for your specific body. A tailor can make alterations to a tailored suit or tuxedo that is created at a factory.  Just know that bespoke and custom suits are different.  At BBespoke Apparel, you are obtaining something custom TO you, not just a custom suit.  It is a 1-of-a-kind suit made for you to wear and no one else.  

We provide you with all you need for a custom suit!

Bijan will discuss your occasion with you as well as your desires, objectives, and budget.  In New Jersey, there are a host of different venues and each has their own special attributes that need to be taken under consideration.  A tuxedo in NJ is sometimes appropriate and other times, not so much.  Colors need to be respectful and appropriate at times and other events, one is able to let loose and get as creative and wild as the individual wants.  What events or traditions are going to be enjoyed?  Dancing perhaps?  Is the occasion outdoor, indoor, or both?  Remember, this is not just about the look of the suit, but also the way you will feel with the suit on.  Customization takes your comfort level to all new levels when done properly.

Is this a one time occasion, or will your new suit be warn multiple times at different events?  We never make assumptions and you are the boss.  We will simply guide you in the right direction and then offer multiple suggestion based on the information you give us. Many times, there will be two, three or more options for you to choose from.  The bottom line is that when in New Jersey, we do not want to put limitations on ourselves, so many times a client will find the need to return to BBespoke Apparel to obtain a range of clothes to support the lifestyle of a man who demands the best.

While cost is always a factor, we are of the opinion that you are worth it.  If you are looking for something truly unique and that cannot be found at the mall, you already know the costs are not going to compare to the major big box stores.  However, neither will the tailor made suit you wear.  It simply will not compare!  This we can say without hesitation.  The confidence a man has when he is wearing something specifically made for the contours of his body is something to be witnessed as there is nothing like it.  We will make sure you look and feel your very best.

The materials used on a custom made suit simply have to be experienced to truly be understood.  Bijan will show you many examples for you to feel and touch at his showroom in northern New Jersey.  Be careful, once you touch the sleeve of one of our sports jackets, you may not want to leave without purchasing more than 1.  Once you put it on, you will definitely want more than 1.  Custom clothing is not for everyone.  It is for the man who does not follow others, but leads the way.  Bespoke clothing also lasts a long, long time due to the quality of materials.  Simply follow all washing instructions very carefully and should you have any questions, please call and ask us.  We are always here to help.

In conclusion, if you are in need of a special tuxedo, suit, or blazer and simply dont want to leave anything to chance, BBespoke Apparel is happy to help you like we have hundreds before you.  It is our passion and our mission to make sure your special day in New Jersey and beyond is one that you will remember the rest of your life.  Bespoke in NJ is not simply about the clothing, it is about the total experience.  The custom suit is just the beginning. 

Lets get started today!  The process of working with us is easy.  Bijan is warm, caring, and loves what he does.  You will as well.  We hope to hear from you soon.

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