Custom Tailored Tuxedos

We take pride in the quality of our custom tuxedos. Whether your vision is more formal or casual, we will design a tuxedo that is sure to be a head turner!

Quality With Every Stitch

Our custom tuxedos will stand the test of time. Having a full canvas construction paired with quality craftsmanship and fabrics will ensure your suit lasts for years to come. Your Custom Clothier will help style your garments making sure they will still be in style for many seasons. 

We adhere to Understated Elegance.

BBespoke Apparel

Franklin Lakes, NJ

Our Fabric Partners

Made from the most exquisite Italian and British fabrics, each BBespoke Apparel custom tuxedo is cut to your precise measurements and crafted by a master tailor. We’ll work with you based on your height, weight, build and lifestyle to achieve a look that is most flattering, assisting you with questions and giving recommendations along the way.

Custom Tuxedo Process

I. Consultation

A personalized consultation where we will learn about you, your day-to-day, and what necessities your unique garment must fulfill.

II. Fabric Selection

Taking into account your personal preferences as well as the garment’s purpose, you’ll get to choose from an array of fabric from the world’s most renowned mills. Consideration is placed on fabric weight, pattern or texture, as well as color and suit lining.

III. Design

You will be given choices in regards to lapels, the lapel width, shoulder construction, and the type of pockets and vents, thread color, unique buttons, belted back, slanted angle of the pockets, waistband width, side tab adjusters, suspender buttons, and more.

IV. Measurements

Over two-dozen measurements will be taken to ensure the best
possible fit.

V. Construction & Fittings

Your BBespoke Apparel bespoke tuxedo will be made in four to six weeks. When finished, it is time for your first fitting. We will recommend certain adjustments, but the choices are ultimately up to you.

VI. Wear with Confidence

After your custom tuxedo is fully fitted and pressed, we deliver it to you. Your BBespoke Apparel bespoke suit will remain a timeless and elegant piece in your wardrobe for many years to come.

Tuxedo Gallery

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Take The First Step And Experience Working With Your Own Custom Clothier And Designing All Your Own Clothing. We Promise It Will Be Fun!