Our Pricing

We always aim to offer the best value in the industry! Considering our product quality, fabric & design options and high level customer service, we are confident you will see the tremendous value we offer.


custom menswear suit


Suits are a benchmark of any gentleman!

When designing suits with us, we ensure it is always of the highest construction, fabric quality and attention to details focusing on functionality.

Whether it’s our full canvas helping mode to your body, 6 interior pockets offering ample storage, interior piping which prevents fraying by your lining, our snugtex waistband helping keep your shirt tucked in or even your heel guard helping provide weight and durability to your trouser…we design for real people who need their suits to stand the test of time.

The price always includes tailoring and shipping. We will not stop until we have your perfect pattern (combination of measurements) yielding your optimal fit. This ensures any future orders will always come to your liking and designing suits will become fun!

Price increases based on fabric quality. Ask your Clothier about the various fabric mills and their pricing.



Every gentleman should have one tuxedo in their arsenal!

Similar with our suiting, we design based on functionality and will not stop until we find your perfect fit. All the same details will be available for our custom tuxedos as with our suiting. Your Clothier will guide you towards a design that will speak to your personality and make sure you look classic.

Price increases based on fabric quality. Ask your Clothier about the various fabric mills and their pricing.



A sport coat can be one of your most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. Using your sport coats for specific events (such as The Kentucky Derby) or as a more functional piece (like an unlined linen jacket) for warmer climates.

Your Clothier will walk you through which sport coats would make the greatest splash in your wardrobe.

Our sport coats have all the same design details up for grabs and your only limit is your imagination!



Custom shirts are the foundation of any wardrobe. We design ours with a stronger fusing in the collar and cuffs giving it more durability. We only source the finest cottons and natural fibers to ensure you are always comfortable.

Any additional details, such as monogram, are always included in the price. As is any tailoring that may be needed.

Your Clothier will walk you through which shirts will benefit your wardrobe the most. You can choose from business shirts, casual untucked shirts, resort wear shirts and even short sleeve casual shirts.



There’s something about a new pair of shoes that makes any man excited! Being able to design your entire wardrobe, including your footwear, is a powerful thing.

Design, or choose from pre-designed styles, of a variety of shoe styles. These include Oxfords, Derby, Loafers, Single Monks, Double Monks, Chelsea Boots, Golf Shoes, Sneakers, Boat Shoes, Judphur Boots, Chukkas and even Slippers.

Use our digital customization tool to design your own, unique pair of shoes. There’s a good chance nobody in the entire world has the same pair…talk about custom!



Accessories tie your outfit together and can be the backbone of any good wardrobe. Your Clothier will guide you on which accessories will make the most impact for you.

Choose from ties, pocket squares, bow ties, suspenders, belts, cigar cases, travel bags among other items.

Your Clothier can send you digital look books for you to view helping you make a great choice. Shopping from the comfort of your home with curated selections of your personal Clothier…talk about easy!