Custom Tailored Denim

We take pride in the quality of our custom denim. BBespoke Apparel has partnered with Italy’s renowned Family Denim Maker, Candiani, where everything is sourced and produced from the finest denim the world has to offer. 

Quality With Every Stitch

Our custom denim will surely be one of your favorite pairs of all time! 
The denim quality itself is luxurious with ample stretch and the details will bring the jean together. You get to choose your buttons, stitching, patches among other customizations your Custom Clothier will walk you through.

BBespoke Apparel

Franklin Lakes, NJ

Our Denim Fabric Partner

Candiani was founded in 1938 in Robecchetto con Induno, a small town located about 40 km from the centre of Milan. In more than 80 years’ experience, we have succeeded in establishing ourselves as one of the most renowned textile companies and denim manufacturers at an international level. 

Custom Denim Process

I. Consultation

A personalized consultation where we will learn about you, your day-to-day, and what necessities your unique garment must fulfill.

II. Fabric Selection

Taking into account your personal preferences as well as the garment’s purpose, you’ll get to choose from an array of fabric from the world’s most renowned mills. Consideration is placed on fabric weight, pattern or texture, as well as color and suit lining.

III. Design

You will be given choices in regards to lapels, the lapel width, shoulder construction, and the type of pockets and vents, thread color, unique buttons, belted back, slanted angle of the pockets, waistband width, side tab adjusters, suspender buttons, and more.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help men shop more efficiently and effectively by taking the Fit element out of the equation and offering high level service making shopping fun and easy. 

Once you know every product you order will fit the way YOU want, it all becomes about building a versatile, cohesive wardrobe where your Custom Clothier will act as your own Image Consultant, Personal Stylist and Tailor all rolled into one.  

We want to change the way men build their wardrobes and view shopping. Our goal is to continue offering functional, unique custom products that men enjoy wearing. We have BIG plans for bespoke clothing and appreciate you joining us on this journey!

Message from our Founder

“I am a true believer that looking good leads to feeling good! And that great service is the most important element to building long-term relationships. And as things always evolve, so evolves how people shop. I believe shopping more efficiently, taking the guesswork out of Fit and Style, leads to a better experience and makes dressing fun!” 

Bijan Zamanian

BBespoke Apparel Founder


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