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Custom Wedding Suits

There is no day where a man is photographed as much as on his wedding day! Yet, in today’s society, the woman usually spends thousands on her dress and the groom rents for a couple hundred. We have nothing against rented tuxes, but we are firm believers that on your special day it’s all in the details and our custom suits and tuxedos provide that.

The details are what will set you apart and can include things such as your wedding date embroidered under your collar, coordinated built-in pocket squares with the groomsmen or father’s, a custom lining highlighting your engagement photos and many more.

These details, coupled with the fit and experience of designing your wedding outfit, makes it fun and memorable.

Another advantage of going custom for your special event, or wedding, is the convenience of knowing you are taken care of. Whether you want to design everything from head to toe or just a custom tuxedo shirt, you can rest assured everything will be delivered in time and to your liking.

Knowing you are taken care of is great, and if you choose to design your entire outfit you can really have fun coordinating colors, patterns…making it truly one-of-a-kind! When we say head to tie, that can include custom shoes, custom belt, custom neckwear or bow tie along with the custom suit or custom tuxedo. We even can provide your socks.

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