Custom Tailored Outerwear

We take pride in the quality of our custom overcoats. You have many options when it comes to custom outerwear. You can design a traditional 5 button overcoat or a more casual double breasted car coat. Your Custom Clothier will help guide you down the right path. 

Don’t Make Outerwear An Afterthought

Our custom outerwear will stand the test of time. These are meant to be worn in colder climates and usually come in heavier fabrics. Your Custom Clothier will recommend different weights and compositions based on your own personal needs and lifestyle. 

BBespoke Apparel

Franklin Lakes, NJ

Choose Your Outerwear Style & Design

Our BBespoke Apparel Custom Outerwear is a staple piece for anyone who experiences colder climates at some point throughout the year. We recommend having several to increase their longevity. You can choose from more structured overcoats, single or double breasted coats or unstructured car coats. 

Custom Overcoat Process

I. Consultation

A personalized consultation with your Custom Clothier where they  will learn about you, your day-to-day, and what necessities your unique garment must fulfill.

II. Fabric Selection

When choosing an overcoat fabric, consideration is placed on fabric weight, fabrication and weave. Your Clothier will recommend based on your needs. 

III. Design

You will be given choices in regards to lapels, the lapel width, lining, shoulder construction, and the type of pockets and vents, thread color, unique buttons, belted back, and more.

IV. Measurements

New clients will have full measurements taken but current clients will only need to style and design their outerwear piece. 

V. Construction & Fittings

Your BBespoke Apparel Custom Overcoat will be made in four to six weeks. Once it’s nearing completion, your Clothier will reach out to coordinate your Fitting. 

VI. Wear with Confidence

You will love your outerwear piece with all the functionality and warmth it will bring you. 

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Take The First Step And Experience Working With Your Own Custom Clothier And Designing All Your Own Clothing. We Promise It Will Be Fun!