Our Process

A main goal of ours is to make looking your best as effortless as possible. Our process is designed to achieve that. Schedule around 45-60 minutes for initial consultations. Fittings and Design sessions are 20-30 minutes.


In an effort to always make looking your best as effortless as possible, we will come to your Home or Office for your Initial Consultation. Here we will chat a lot about you, your personal style, how you like your clothing to fit, your lifestyle and how we can maximize your wardrobe versatility, and much more.

One benefit of having a Personal Clothier is the broad range of tasks they will do to make your life easier. On top of that, over time they learn your style, making elevated recommendations and finding ways to help step up your game!

Imagine your Clothier as your Personal Tailor, Image Consultant, Personal Shopper and Stylist all rolled into one. Always delivering orders  at your convenience day or night.


Another benefit of having your own Personal Clothier are they’re all obsessed with fabric! We make sure we carry the finest natural fibers from the best Mills from around the world.

Depending on what’s the most important to you, we can determine fabrics based on where it came from (Italy, Australia, Spain), wool grade, weave, weight, color, breathability or even price.

Your Clothier will keep track of your orders which will ensure you aren’t ordering garments that are similar. Moreover, we will offer recommendations that create the most versatile wardrobe based on your lifestyle and occupation.


Once we choose the fabric, the design process begins!

The style details of all your garments say something about you. Some are more specific and we will design based on these elements to best suit YOUR lifestyle.

Here we finalize the style details from top to bottom. Every detail is pondered by your Clothier and the relevant points are communicated to begin to paint an image of the final product. Functionality is a primary focus and will be evident in your final products.

Some details that will be addressed are: lapel style and lapel width, single breast vs. double breast, slanted buttonholes or straight, vent style, plain front or pleats, pocket types, shoulder style…and many more!


Your Clothier will then begin taking all the measurements needed to find your optimal fit. Asking questions throughout this process will help your Clothier begin to learn more about how you like your clothing to fit. To us,

the 40+ measurements taken allow us to unlock the combination to your best fit!

This is one thing that sets us apart from other custom clothing companies…the attention to fit detail.

Your Clothier will ensure every 1/8″ is thought through.

Your measurements are kept so any future orders come perfect down to the centimeter.


Once your order is placed, the real magic happens!

A global chain of logistics kicks into gear, taking the fabric we chose and all the design elements and creating a garment that’s within a millimeter of the measurements taken by your Clothier. This process takes 4-6 weeks. Custom Shirting takes 3 weeks. Once everything arrives, your Clothier will schedule a time to travel to your home or office for delivery.

If you’re a first timer, you will have your First Fitting. Here you will try everything on and have a discussion with your Clothier, who will recommend adjustments, if any, that can improve the overall fit. If adjustments are needed, your Clothier will take the garment to our local Tailor and have back within 4-7 days.


Once we have your final pattern, ordering any of our custom products is extremely effortless. If you’re in our QG Club, your Clothier will continue to help manage and optimize your wardrobe through digital lookbooks.

Now that the Fit is out of the equation, we build long-term goals with you sending digital mock-ups and digital look books that’s curated for you. Every 2-4 months we choose a few items that will add value to your wardrobe.

Whether it’s suits, sport coats, trousers, sneakers, golf shoes, denim, vests, overcoats, loafers, tuxedos, business shirts, short sleeve casual shirts, casual shorts, neckwear and cool gifts…we can offer value driven suggestions.

With BBespoke you never have to leave your house again to look amazing!

We look forward to building a long-term, dapper relationship together!