Can Bespoke Shoes Help With Problem Feet?

The market has many kinds of shoes that we can purchase. It is good to note that all the different shoes available have their unique purpose and use case. We use some for working out, walking in the beach, going to work, others for protecting us from the cold during winter, and many other uses. However, did you know that you can get some good ones to help you with problem feet?

You may be experiencing several conditions such as flat feet, high arches, bunions, and many others that may affect the way you walk. However, with these kinds of shoes, this does not have to be an issue anymore. This article gives information regarding bespoke shoes and their benefits to individuals with problem feet.

What are Bespoke Shoes?

The name bespoke means made for a specific customer. Therefore, in the footwear industry, it can mean pairs made to fit unique needs and requirements of a certain customer.

Unlike the normal shoes, which are usually mass-produced and made to fit different kinds of people, these ones are handcrafted to meet the specific needs and preferences of individual owners. Skilled makers take the needed measurements and then go ahead to design a pair that will meticulously fit its owner. They do this with maximum precision while ensuring a high level of durability, style, and comfort. Since it is a uniquely made pair, you have the freedom to choose materials, style, design, and finishes of your choice.

Benefits for People with Problem Feet

  • Custom Fit

The main advantage of these shoes is that they are precisely made to fit your feet. You can therefore be sure that in case your feet have problems such as high arches, bunions, or hammertoes, these issues will be taken into account when making your footwear. When mass-produced, such problems may not be considered, resulting to an acceleration of issues. However, when you decide to go the bespoke way, you will not have to go through this problem, as everything will be rightfully considered.

  • You Can Wear Orthotics

If you have to wear special devices, which are usually referred to as orthotics, to help with your feet problems and are wondering how to do it safely with your normal store-bought shoes, then you need to try bespoke footwear. Since they are custom made, your orthotics can also be considered during the making process to ensure maximum comfort and support. This means that you can fully enjoy the benefits of your orthotics in addressing a wide array of foot issues such as pronation, supination, or arch support deficiencies. In turn, this will help reduce pain, improve health, and promote your feet’s overall health.

  • Choose Your Desired Materials

When you get a pair of footwear from a store, chances are high that you are stuck with the specific material that they come with. In most cases, these general manufacturers do not pay so much attention to individuals with feet issues when making them. In fact, we have all had issues with some shoes at a specific point. This is something that you definitely do not want to experience if you already have problems. To reduce chances of this happening, it makes sense to go the bespoke way. Here, you can choose the materials you want. You designer can also recommend the right materials for your specific issues. Mostly, you may want to go with soft materials that will help reduce friction and irritation. A special padding or cushion could also be added to ensure maximum comfort.

  • Custom Design

Unlike mass-produced shoes, when you go the bespoke route, you will have the benefit of enjoying a custom design. The end product will be specifically made according to your needs and desires. Apart from attending to your feet issues, they will go an extra mile to choose the perfect toe box width and lacing system. They will also go ahead and add extra padding in specific areas to ensure they deal with any underlying problems.

If you are dealing with problem feet, going with bespoke shoes is the perfect option instead of having to deal with ready-made ones. The reasoning for this is that mass-manufactured ones are not made to handle any feet problems. In fact, their design may even accelerate issues. This is something that you will definitely not experience with custom-made shoes. They are made with a high level of artisanship and using high quality materials to promote comfort and enhance your overall wellbeing.