How To Dress For Your Interview In Sales And Marketing

There are very few industries where your appearance is as important as it is in the world of sales and marketing. From client meetings to presentations, the occasions when you must look your best are many and so when you step into that interview, you want to make a killer first impression.

No matter what anyone tells you about casual attire, an interview in any industry calls for a plan of action with regard to your outfit so here are a few tips to set you on the right path to sales and marketing success.

Do Some Research

Not all companies have the same attitude or policy towards dress codes so a bit of research is in order. Check out the company’s Instagram feed or their about page on their website. See what the current staff members are wearing on a day-to-day basis, and there’s where you’ll find your starting point.

However, if your spy work uncovers a gaggle of hoodie and jeans-wearing employees, don’t presume that this is acceptable for the interview. They will still expect to see you dressed somewhat formally but if the dress code in the office is extremely casual, then it might be possible to dress down your suit a tad by removing certain items such as your jacket or tie.

The Suit

Unlike more traditional industries such as law and finance, sales and marketing allow a little more freedom of expression when it comes to your sartorial preferences. Black, grey, and navy suits are all perfectly acceptable once they are tailored to fit you perfectly and are not too tight. You are selling yourself as a fit and proper representation of the company and not necessarily as a fashion-forward male, so play it safe and avoid skinny fit suits.

The Shirt

Whether you’re a classic white business shirt man or you’re partial to pale hues, your choice of shirt is down to personal preference. However, we will recommend that you try to choose something that isn’t too loud or distracting. You want the interviewer to remember you as ‘the guy who answered that tough question’ and not ‘the red shirt man’.

The Tie

We’re fond of the term ‘don’t let your clothes wear you and it is perfect advice for anyone who is preparing for an interview. The focus must remain on you at all times, and neckwear is often the main cause of distraction. Choose a simple tie with a stripe or a plain block color.

If the job is with an agency that has a polo shirt-wearing CEO who spends a lot of time posting selfies on social media, then you might actually consider an open collar tieless look.

The Shoes

Your choice of shoes depends on your suit color but, and we can’t stress this enough, they must be leather, and they must be polished. Nothing cheapens a suit or outfit more than a scuffed and beat-up pair of shoes, so don’t be that guy that forgot to get the polish out.

Be On Trend

Okay, so this might seem to contradict our earlier advice about not wanting to seem overly style conscious but the fact is that sales and marketing professionals should be on point when it comes to current trends. Wearing colors and styles that are in vogue instills a belief in the subconscious mind of your interviewer that you are a man with your finger on the pulse. But we’re still going to say no to skinny fit suits.

A position in sales and marketing requires the ability to sell and market a product or service to a potential customer and let’s face it, what else are you doing in an interview only trying to sell yourself?

So give yourself the best start by presenting your product (you) in the best way possible and take great care in choosing your outfit. Give us a call to schedule a one-on-one consultation to get some personalized advice on creating your perfect interview-ready look.