A Guide To Wearing Pastels

Spring is right around the corner which means lighter and brighter colors are replacing the grey and black tones that dominated your fall and winter wardrobes. For some, shades like yellow, blue, pink green, and purple can be scary. But we’re here to tell you that they don’t have to be. 

If you haven’t already begun updating your closet for Spring, here are some top tips on how to incorporate pastels into your wardrobe this season.

Consider Your Skin Tone

Wearing the wrong shade of rouge can leave you quite literally red-faced, so it’s wise to spend some time studying your reflection before hitting the order button.

The color wheel can be split into warm (red, orange, and yellow) and cool (green, blue, and purple) colors. The same goes for your complexion. If the veins on your arms are blue, your skin has a cool undertone. If they’re more of a greenish color, consider yourself warm. Once you’ve figured this out, look to the opposite side of the wheel. This is where you should be in terms of clothing.

There are also ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ pastels to consider. Soft being more washed out and hard more vibrant. Those with fair skin might find themselves washed out by soft pastels, so should stick to more vibrant shades such as coral or pistachio green, keeping in mind the cool/warm split. A medium complexion – which usually has a warm, olive tone – can hold its own against softer pastels like mint green or lilac, but also looks good next to some harder shades. Darker skin fares well with pretty much any color – so feel free to play around with the entire spectrum of pastels.

Choose Looser Fits

Yes, slim fits are in. While you may personally love to dress up in tight clothes, pastel shades and tight fittings just don’t go together. When it comes to pastels for men, choosing loose attires may work best. Go for clothes that are looser than the slim-fits.

However, pastel shades have a tendency to make you appear bigger than you really are. So, don’t oversize yourself. Strike a balance, and watch how the pastel clothing brings out the best in you.

Pair Pastels with Neutral Colors

Let your pastel piece take center stage by keeping the rest of your attire neutral and accessorizing with black or white. Offsetting strong sunset shades with softer shades of cream, dove grey, khaki, or tan will put just the right amount of emphasis on your pastel showpiece.

Pair your sunshine yellow tee with charcoal grey trousers, make a peachy pink top pop against an all-black ensemble, or balance a pair of dusky lavender chinos with a cream shirt. If in doubt, team your pastel with crisp white for an instantly fresh, summer-ready look. And when it comes to texture and design, opt for clean cuts and minimalist silhouettes that will keep the focus solely on color.

Limit to 2 Pastel Colors

There’s no need to wear all the colors of the rainbow at once. To avoid looking Neapolitan, opt for one pop of color at a time — two at most. Sticking to just one or two sunny shades will ensure your pastel outfit looks sophisticated rather than saccharine.

Accessorize by picking varying shades of your chosen pastel that will add definition to your outfit — a pair of pastel blue slacks, for example, or an aqua green shirt. And if you do choose to go pastel-on-pastel, pick two shades that err on the side of dusty. Think greyed-out lavender, dusky rose, or thistle purple.

If All Else Fails, Accessorize

Pastels for men are not limited to only the clothing pieces. If you feel that going fully pastel on the street or at your work is not your cup of tea, you can start small by including pastel accessories in your usual attire.

Go for pastel sneakers with your classic black and white attire. A pair of sunglasses or a baseball cap are also good accessories to introduce a pop of color to your day-to-day fashion. If you are attending a laid-back but formal event, take the jump by going with a pastel shade tie or pocket square.

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