How Long Does it Take to Make a Bespoke Suit

A bespoke suit is one of the many items everyone should own and be proud when flaunting. Unlike the ready-made ones, bespoke suits are custom made to match individual body figurations.

On average, the process of constructing a bespoke lies somewhere between 3 and 8 weeks.

However, these timelines vary depending on several factors such as complexity of the design, its intended use and special requests of clients.

Since the issue of turnover time is a major concern amongst most clients, this article gives you a breakdown of the process and the time each step takes. 

Consultation and Measurements

The journey begins with you going on a consultative sit-down with your preferred bespoke suit designer.

Bespoke suit for your style

During the consultation, you have the opportunity of painting to the designer an idea of your ideal perfect fit. They will have a notebook where they note down important bits that help them in making the pattern. In addition to your style and preferences, the designer will also take your unique figurations of your body and note them down as well. This information will play a critical role in the making of the suit. Consultation and measurement takes 2 hours on average. 

It is also at this stage that the designer will display to you their fabric options for you to choose. The choice of fabric for your suit will greatly be determined by your style and preference, intended use and cost and budget. 

Pattern Making 

With the right measurements, style, and preference specifications at hand, the designer will then retreat to their shop and start constructing your suit. A pattern is simply a sketch of how your suit should look like when complete. Pattern making relies on the figurations of individual clients, combined with their specifications. On average pattern making takes between 1 and 3 days. 

Cutting the Fabric 

With a pattern that represents the ideal image of your bespoke suit, the designer will then embark on cutting the fabric of your choice. With high levels of precision and attention to detail, the fabric is cut according to the layout of the cut pattern. This is aimed at achieving a perfect suit that matches the vision of the client. This crucial step takes approximately 1 day. 

Basting and Fitting

With a pattern and cut fabric, the designer will then do what is known as basting, a process that entails loosely putting together all the pieces of the cut fabric. You will then be invited to try the loosely sewn suit in order to confirm if the measurements align with your body figurations. If the suit does not fit perfectly, then the variations are noted so that they can be incorporated into the final product. Basting and fitting takes between 1 and 2 days on average. 

Sewing and Assembly

With the image of your bespoke suit starting to take shape, the designer now delves into serious permanent sewing. Different parts of the fabric are joined through a highly crafted sewing. Details such as buttonholes, pockets padding and linings are hand-stitched for an exemplary and unique final product. This step takes approximately 1-2 weeks. 

Final Fitting and Adjustments

Having carefully sewn together your suit, the designer will then invite you to try it for the last time. This second and last fitting is aimed at confirming the measurements, failure to which adjustments will be made to achieve a perfect fit. On average, the step should take between 1 and 3 days. 

Finishing and Pressing

After the construction of your suit is complete, the designer will then embark on final detailing. The final details entail ironing and packaging it, ready for shipping to your location. A bespoke suit is considered complete when both the designer and client are satisfied with the final product. 

Even though the timeline for constructing your bespoke suit is estimated at 8 weeks, it is subject to variations, depending on several factors. A bespoke suit client with complex design and demands can expect to have their suit ready after 6 to 8 weeks after the initial consultation. A bespoke suit client with a simple design and no specialties can expect their suit to be ready between the 4th and the 6th week after consultation. To avoid inconveniences and give your designer ample time, be sure to order your suit early enough prior to the event deadline. This will also help the designer come up with an ideal suit that reflects your vision.