What Is A Clothier?

Clothier is a term that is most often heard in menswear, but it is simply a person who sells/makes clothing. At least, that’s the textbook definition, but the occupation of a clothier is much more complex.

A clothier needs to do a variety of things, all of which should be performed at a high level. Clothiers are skilled in design, tailoring, sales, and even math. Their ultimate task is to produce stylish, well-tailored garments for clients. The service they offer should be as high-quality as it is convenient.

A clothier will have a meticulous eye for detail because their clients are looking for good value for their money. What else does a clothier do and how exactly do they provide their clients with value? Let’s take a look.

A Personal Touch

While all clothiers are different, they have one thing in common, and that is the personal touch.

Bijan in a closet organizing materials

A big part of their job is getting to know clients personally to produce a garment you’re proud of and comfortable wearing.

You can expect your clothier to ask you about the industry you work in, the lifestyle you lead, how often you wear the type of garment you want and what you wear them for, etc. They need to know as much about your lifestyle as possible to get a better understanding of what you’re wearing a garment for. This allows clothiers to offer appropriate recommendations.

Clothier Or Personal Stylist?

A lot of people conflate clothiers and personal stylists. A personal stylist will help you curate your wardrobe, whereas a clothier is a specialist in something, therefore that is what they will produce for you. An item bespoke for you versus a stylist who sells brands right off the rack.

If you visit a major department store, there are personal stylists on staff to shop for you. While you need to book an appointment ahead of time, these services are generally free.

Why Choose A Clothier

Think about this: you spend two thousand dollars on a brand new suit from your clothier, and it lasts a decade. It’s special to you, so you only wear it twice a month or so. The cost per wear for this suit would be around eight dollars. That is less than $200 a year. Though it might sound like a lot, let’s compare that cost to a fast fashion outlet or department store.

You walk into a store to buy a suit off the rack, and it’s fairly common to spend $300 or more for it. The initial spend is far lower, but the cut, construction, and cloth used in these suits are low-quality in comparison to what a clothier produces. Additionally, they are designed to last a year or less, so you return the following season. If you buy a new suit off the rack every year over a decade you are spending $3,000.

Essentially, a bespoke item from a clothier is going to put a pep in your step. You are going to feel comfortable and confident in a garment that was made for you. It is a sharper way to shop.