Is bespoke clothing worth it?

Individuals find value in all phases of life for different reasons and for all kinds of different circumstances.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so is the value of bespoke or custom-made clothing.  What satisfies one man as a nice shirt for a special occasion may not even make it into another man’s wardrobe.  Many bespoke customers appreciate the idea that suits have been created in this manner for hundreds of years, allowing them to connect with the past.  Particularly English history where it all began and especially Savile Row in particular. This is the street in central London known mainly for its distinct traditional bespoke tailoring for men.  Quite possibly the birth of the word “gentleman” originates around this time and place. 

Bespoke clothing isn’t a priority for every man, it is for the distinguished gentleman.  While we understand that custom made clothing isn’t for every occasion or even every man, a select few would rather cancel attending a special event than wear off-the-shelf clothing to an important venue. 

One thing is for sure, once you have worn a custom-made garment, you will understand the difference.  Similar to flying first class, going back to coach is an uncomfortable experience.

a man in a suit

Lets go over a few of the reasons that bespoke clothing holds such a high value in the men that insist on precision attire.

Craft.  A customised suit necessitates a tremendous amount of effort. Not just cutting and sewing, but re-cutting, re-sewing, and re-pressing as well. It provides for lovely photographs; it gives the garment a human feel, as it was manufactured by humans; and it is an artistic rather than a mechanical product.

This offers a modest advantage, especially as you grow to know the folks better. However, I can only enjoy a craft if it is useful. It may appear cold and clinical, but if a machine can do the work better, I don’t mind it being done by a machine.

Longevity. Greater attraction once more. A bespoke suit may be repaired and modified more readily due to the manner it is constructed. This is something we’re talking about in videos right now, and after years of bespoke, you realise how important it is.

This is especially true in an era when vintage and sustainability are becoming increasingly relevant. An antique bespoke suit that has been lovingly cared for, repaired, and cherished can be yours. You’re not going to be able to achieve that with something you bought on the high street.

Environment and sustainability. When it comes to sustainability, there’s a strong case to be made that a tailored suit looks good because it’s usually created locally, with more natural materials, and encourages re-use and repair.

However, this is rarely a simple task. Whether the wool originated from Australia or Scotland, whether the tailor flew out to visit you many times, and so on all affect the carbon footprint. Some clients purchase in even larger quantities than those who shop on the main street. Buying less is, in the end, the best policy, regardless of how it was implemented.

So, what is the primary advantage of bespoke? For many, it’s the handwork that creates a swell in the chest or a curve in the trouser leg, as well as the fit accomplished by a mix of hand cutting, several fits, and re-cutting.

  One often realises how different it is when you witness a master tailor cut material for your body, loosely put it together, and drape it around you. They bring the front and back panels closer together, he unpicks the shoulder seam (but at a diagonal) and runs it down your back in a more attractive way.Then there are the other spots that need to be adjusted in order to keep the jacket’s bottom hem straight, given that the entire back has been shifted up, across, and twisted. It’s shaping material everywhere your body.

In recent decades, made-to-measure tailoring (MTM) has vastly improved.  Many tailors have to deal with unique physical conditions such as tailoring shirts and suit jacket angles of shoulders when one is slightly lower than the other.

However, this will always be a rough estimate. How many different shoulder angle possibilities do you have? Is it three? How about five? A tailor has an endless amount of options, not just in terms of exact measurements by the fraction of an inch, but also in terms of re-positioning on the body, pinning, and re-cutting.  It’s rare for MTM to incorporate all of the unique handwork. Collar that’s been sewn on by hand? Excellent, however the lining is still done by machine. Is that a hand-padded chest? Great, however the armhole is still too low.  The options and details are endless.  However, once your tailor has your body measurements and exact desires dialed in, the bespoke apparel experience is unrivaled.  Looking and feeling like a king is something special to cherish.

The fit of bespoke, and how it may make you more comfortable, flatter you, and even add flair through the management of a lapel roll or the construction of a sleeve head.

Relationship between tailor and client.  This is often the most important and defining reason to keep coming back.  The trust and bond developed with the tailor can be incredible. It’s difficult to fully appreciate this until you have truly tapped into this yourself.  At BBespoke, this is our goal. Once established, like all beautiful relationships, it is almost impossible to break or replace.   It’s not a question of knowing who cuts your garments. It’s the fact that they’ll still be there when you order again next year. That they will learn about your preferences and your tastes.  It’s truly special.

This is something that brands strive to accomplish all the time. There are VIP rooms available, as well as special treatment. But it’s never the same because the staff changes, and they didn’t know anything to begin with. A customised suit is normally of considerably higher quality than anything you can buy off the rack, so it will last far longer. This is critical since a decent suit is a timeless wardrobe staple that never goes out of style, ensuring that you will get a lot of wear out of it over time. If you have trouble finding the correct fit, bespoke clothes are great, and they can save you money if you wear a suit on a regular basis.