Bespoke Vs. Made-To-Measure. What Are The Differences?

Bespoke suits, as the name suggests, are customized for every customer. This type of suiting has a long history that dates to the renaissance. Made-to-measure suits came along later and were based on a design established by the company prior to production. 

So, how do you distinguish between the two? Here are the five key points of difference.

1.  Pattern-Making

Made to Measure patterns are either fully or partially created by machines. If the wearer’s measurements lie beyond the standard design, then the master tailor will tweak the standard model.

On the other hand, bespoke suites do not follow any set pattern or shape for the wearer. The absence of base patterns makes sure that the tailor crafts the suit to fit the wearer’s body specifically.

Tailors take extra care to make the suits in bespoke patterns, and minute details like the slope of the shoulder and the arch of the back are also considered. While a decent made-to-measure suit will fit you well, a well-crafted bespoke variant fits your body like a second skin.

2.  Number of Fittings and Time

In the case of made-to-measure suits, there are no fittings while creating the product. The only fittings are the initial ones to take the measurement and the final one to see if it needs alterations. Bespoke suits, being much more detailed, require more fittings. It consists of various stages, beginning with the tailor laying down the foundation of the shape in the first fitting and then building on it. Some shops do more than five fittings for their customers so that they can get the perfect result.

The purpose of doing so many fittings is to highlight the details every time the wearer puts them on. A typical made-to-measure suit can take between four to five weeks to deliver. A bespoke suit, due to its precise nature, can take months to complete. The specific time depends on the wearer’s demands and the efficiency of the tailor.

3.  Customization

Made-to-measure selections usually offer a choice between two mills. In contrast, some bespoke houses provide more than ten. The type of suit you get varies with each brand, but certain basic features are always customizable. But, since the suit is built by a machine to some extent, it is difficult to expect anything different.

House tailors will consult you about every possible detail regarding your suit and build anything you ask them to. The options are endless, and if needed, you can ask them to make something unique as well. The same freedom is not present in the case of made-to-measure suits.

4.  Place of Creation

Made-to-measure suits often require a lot of transport since most of the process takes place in a factory. The parts of the suit are modified in various places that consume time, although not as much as that of the bespoke suits.

Although ordered suits take months to deliver, the entirety of their construction takes place in a single house. The entire process, including fitting, is managed in a single place. Each brand or house has its own style, which is often revealed when the customer walks in.

5.  Price

Take into account all the variables that go into the construction of a suit, and you’ll see that bespoke suits are more expensive. However, what you need to remember is that you’ll be paying for a premium product.

A made-to-measure suit has an $800 price tag on average. On the other hand, $2,500 is the starting range for a bespoke suit. You can go up depending on the kind of product you desire. All things considered, the overall quality, feel, fabric, and attention to detail of a bespoke suit outweigh that of factory-made models. You truly get what you pay for in the world of suits.

Final Thoughts

Both kinds of suits have their respective advantages and disadvantages, as you can see. The competition between the two types of suits has narrowed down drastically over the last few years. The amount of customization that you’re able to do for made-to-measure suits is much more than that a few decades ago.

If you’re on a budget or need to get a suit quickly, then made-to-measure is the way to go. Similarly, if you’re willing to invest the time and money in a premium product, you cannot go wrong with bespoke suits.