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Mens suits and formal shirts on wooden hangers in a clothes store

Are Off-The-Rack Suits a Waste of Money?

When it comes to suits, men have two main options: off-the-rack or bespoke. Off-the-rack suits, also known as ready-to-wear suits, are mass-produced and available in a range of standard sizes. Bespoke suits, on the other hand, are tailored to fit the individual wearer, taking into account their specific measurements and…

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Dapper man wearing a bespoke suit.

Why Every Man Needs a Tailor-made Suit

There are few items in a man’s wardrobe that are as timeless and classic as a tailored suit. Whether you’re attending a formal event or just need to look sharp for work, a well-fitting suit can make all the difference in your appearance and confidence. While off-the-rack suits can be…

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Men shoes in an elegant shop.

Benefits of Custom Men’s Shoes

To imagine how it would be to own a shoe that has been made especially for you is something that is hard to fathom. It goes without saying that shoes are an essential part of a person’s appearance, and custom men’s shoes are not just a part of medical necessity…

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Men shoes in a luxury store in Paris.

The Best Shoes To Wear With Business Casual Outfits

What To Look For When Choosing Business Casual Shoes Custom men’s shoes are not a luxury; they’re a necessity. Sneaker and hoodie guys sometimes have to suit up, and opportunity favors the prepared. Using this guide, you will be able to make more informed shoe-purchasing decisions by learning about all…

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a man in a gray trouser suit three-piece

10 Menswear Mistakes To Avoid

Formal and semi-formal mistakes can be less obvious than the universally hated sock-with-sandals – especially if you’re a novice. To look better, feel better, and appear like you know what you are doing, avoid these 10 most common menswear mistakes. Dress Shirt Too Baggy There is no greater rookie mistake…

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Men's cufflinks and a watch with a black strap on a brown background

What Accessories Should Men Wear?

Since the dawn of civilization, men have worn accessories from Viking brooches to Egyptian signet rings to Polynesian pearl bracelets. It has always been about expression, not a necessity, to wear accessories.Furthermore, they are the longest-surviving remnants of ancient cultures. When archaeologists dig up ruins of towns, what else do…

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Portrait of a fashionable man buttoning a button on his jacket, close-up.Concept of men's fashion,wedding day.

Suit Button Rules Every Man Needs To Know

It might surprise you to learn that there are rules to follow when it comes to the buttons on your suit jacket. Most men do not adhere to these rules because they are unable to understand them, which is why they do not follow them. Why are these rules important?…

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a man in a gray trouser suit three-piece

Two-Piece vs. Three-Piece Suits

While you probably know how to distinguish between a two-piece suit and a three-piece suit, do you really know what the differences between the two types of suits are? Several rules govern each style, which you may be surprised to learn. In spite of the fact that they may appear…

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Men suits hanging in a clothing store.

Expensive Suit vs. Cheap Suit Differences

In the world of suits, it is understandable if you feel torn between buying a cheap suit and buying a more expensive suit. As a matter of fact, if you don’t have to, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of money if you don’t have to. It is…

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pants on background.

4 Ways To Keep Your Bespoke Pants Wrinkle-Free

Your chances of making an excellent first impression with your custom bespoke suit are thrown out the window when you spend all your effort achieving that clean, sharp look for your next job interview. Even if you start your day with a pair of wrinkle-free pants, it is possible for…

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Men seamstress, a suit made to measure. the production plant, sewing jackets for seamstress

Do Bespoke Suits Take a Long Time To Make?

In the world of suits, there is a lot to learn if you are just starting out. Especially when it comes to bespoke suits. We’re often asked by customers whether a bespoke suit is made entirely by hand. Keep reading to learn more about the process. Why Should You Consider…

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Business man or groom dressing up with classic elegant shoes.

Bespoke Shoes: Benefits and Drawbacks

Imagine owning a shoe made specifically for you. Shoes often complete your appearance and overall persona, and bespoke-ordered shoes are not just a matter of medical necessity or luxury (although they can be). Additionally, they can alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with a variety of foot problems. These shoes…

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Professional sewing machine close-up. Modern textile industry.

How Does A Clothier Work?

The term “clothier” is commonly heard in the world of men’s wear, but in fact, in its simplest form, it refers to a person who sells or makes clothing. It is the textbook definition of a clothier, at least, but the job of a clothier is much more complex than…

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oversized suit

How Long Should My Clothes Be?

Whether you’re tall or short matters not in the world of fine tailoring. What really matters is your clothes, and most importantly, that your suit fits just right. While many say it’s all in the shoulders, and it is to a certain extent, there’s also the not-so-small matter of length…

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Gavel, scales of justice and law books

How To Dress For Your Interview At The Law Firm

The Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerburgs of the world proved long ago that success and formal dress code need not go hand in hand. And so, many industries adopted a more relaxed attitude toward office attire. However, if law is your chosen line of work, those polo shirts may never…

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