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Do Bespoke Suits Take a Long Time To Make?

In the world of suits, there is a lot to learn if you are just starting out. Especially when it comes to bespoke suits. We’re often asked by customers whether a bespoke suit is made entirely by hand. Keep reading to learn more about the process. Why Should You Consider…

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Business man or groom dressing up with classic elegant shoes.

Bespoke Shoes: Benefits and Drawbacks

Imagine owning a shoe made specifically for you. Shoes often complete your appearance and overall persona, and bespoke-ordered shoes are not just a matter of medical necessity or luxury (although they can be). Additionally, they can alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with a variety of foot problems. These shoes…

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Professional sewing machine close-up. Modern textile industry.

How Does A Clothier Work?

The term “clothier” is commonly heard in the world of men’s wear, but in fact, in its simplest form, it refers to a person who sells or makes clothing. It is the textbook definition of a clothier, at least, but the job of a clothier is much more complex than…

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oversized suit

How Long Should My Clothes Be?

Whether you’re tall or short matters not in the world of fine tailoring. What really matters is your clothes, and most importantly, that your suit fits just right. While many say it’s all in the shoulders, and it is to a certain extent, there’s also the not-so-small matter of length…

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How To Dress For Your Interview At The Law Firm

The Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerburgs of the world proved long ago that success and formal dress code need not go hand in hand. And so, many industries adopted a more relaxed attitude toward office attire. However, if law is your chosen line of work, those polo shirts may never…

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How To Dress For Your Interview In Sales And Marketing

There are very few industries where your appearance is as important as it is in the world of sales and marketing. From client meetings to presentations, the occasions when you must look your best are many and so when you step into that interview, you want to make a killer…

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3 Casual Clothing Tips For The Perfect Dress-Down Friday

We all enjoy casual Friday at the office but does it really have to mean trundling out the old faithful plain t-shirt and worn jeans? Surely we can still remember how as teenagers we expressed ourselves through our clothing. And why should now be any different? So let’s forget the…

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Man with handkerchief in breast pocket of his suit on light background, closeup

5 Menswear Pocket Types

One of the things that a gentleman eventually notices and appreciates when wearing tailored clothes is just how many pockets a suit or sports coat has. Pockets, whether on a jacket or other article of clothing, are a key but often overlooked practical feature in clothing. In this article, we…

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Close-up of a groom in blue wedding dress

All You Need to Know About Custom Lapels

Sometimes when we experience something magnificent, it is difficult to return to the old way of doing things. When we become accustomed to drinking good wine, it seems meaningless to drink cheap tasting wine. When we experience a job that gives us the freedom to create at will and brings…

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Confident man attending job interview

How Men Should Dress For An Interview

Dressing for job interviews can be stressful. Should you always wear a suit? Are jeans ever OK? Do you have to wear a tie every time? You want to make the best impression you can from the moment you walk into the interview. Depending on the job type and level…

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Sexy man in tuxedo and bow tie

What To Wear To A Formal Event

Formal attire is an outfit that matches a certain dress code’s needs, appropriate for a particular formal occasion. The dress code will usually be stated on the invite. Each event will have different dress code expectations. What people wear to an event helps shape its atmosphere and decorum. Understanding what…

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Men shirts

Custom Dress Shirts vs. Bespoke Dress Shirts

When it comes to tailored menswear, you have two options: bespoke and custom dress shirts. They differ depending on cost, time, and construction but either can deliver an exceptional shirt depending on your needs. Also, bespoke or custom dress shirts allow for enormous personalization and customization. At the end of…

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Man ties his shiny new black leather shoes.

How To Choose The Right Dress Socks

Are you still wearing your gym socks with your bespoke suit? When you’re out sock shopping (yes it is a thing) do you just grab the multipack of darkish-colored socks that are the cheapest? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then it’s time to take stock of…

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Man in black suit putting on tie clip

How To Wear a Tie Clip

One question we often get asked is about whether you should be matching your tie and pocket square. The short answer is no. Although it might seem like an easy way to coordinate your outfit, matching your pocket square and tie or bow tie is a definite no-no if you…

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sexy businessman removing his eyeglasses, looking away

A Guide To Linen Suits

Many men have plenty of questions as they consider buying their first linen suit. A hand-crafted linen suit radiates casual confidence, style, and charm. And yet, this lightweight, wrinkle-prone fabric prompts many style questions. Can I wear this to work? Is it formal enough for a business meeting? How do…

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