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What Is A Clothier?

Clothier is a term that is most often heard in menswear, but it is simply a person who sells/makes clothing. At least, that’s the textbook definition, but the occupation of a clothier is much more complex. A clothier needs to do a variety of things, all of which should be…

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Is bespoke clothing worth it?

Individuals find value in all phases of life for different reasons and for all kinds of different circumstances.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so is the value of bespoke or custom-made clothing.  What satisfies one man as a nice shirt for a special occasion may not…

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What is the significance of a bespoke suit?

Investing in a bespoke suit is perhaps one of the most significant apparel purchases one can make. Despite this, many individuals have no idea what goes into creating a bespoke suit!  In today’s article, we’ll take a look at the anatomy of a bespoke suit, with a focus on aspects that…

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Where does “bespoke” originate?

Bespoke’s Beginnings For most of the last century, the term bespoke has been associated with bespoke men’s tailoring on Savile Row. The phrase bespoke is derived from the verb “bespeak”. The verb bespeak literally means “to speak for something.” This isn’t the way we think of the word. The word…

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