What Are the Advantages Of Buying Custom-Made Shoes?

Are you aware that shoes can be custom-made? Not the way that medical-based shoes are made for orthotic patients, but rather, custom made shoes use fine leathers and other materials that are customized as a precise fit for your feet size. And no, this kind of customization is not meant only for the wealthy.

Back in the day, the average man used to visit a cobbler to get their shoes made, and the same practice is done now, though not as common.

Should You Be Wearing Bespoke Shoes?

If you’re not the type of person to pick a suit off the rack, do you really want to pick shoes the same way too? Ready-made shoes are mass-produced and will not always be the right fit. An ill-fitted shoe can make your entire day uncomfortable, even causing wounds to appear on the affected areas.

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Just like with clothes, a person’s feet can be unique making ready-made shoes a chore to choose from. As such, getting shoes custom-made would be the best approach. For those looking to modernize the way they dress, bespoke shoes will also help add a touch more uniqueness to the ensemble.

There are many advantages to getting your shoes custom-made. In this article, we will be going through some of these benefits to help you decide if you should too.

Advantages Of Custom-Made Shoes

1.   You Can Choose The Design

While browsing through the scores of ready-made shoes at local shops you may have come across shoes that fit right but have design problems such as color or patterns that make you turn away. This makes searching for new shoes an extremely frustrating and time-consuming process.

With custom shoes, you can decide on the design of the shoe, the patterns, heel height, and color to match your look. We all have a signature “look” or type of wardrobe that we prefer. Rather than spending hours looking for shoes to match this look, getting shoes custom-made in any way you like is the solution.

2.   Improved Comfort

If your foot size is even slightly different from the industry standard, then off-the-rack shoes are never going to feel “just right.” Since a shoe is something you will probably use every day and for many hours a day, comfort is an important factor to consider. Cramps and pain in the legs are common and can lead to health implications in the long term.

When custom-made, the shoe will be constructed exactly to your feet’ dimensions and will fit like a glove. You can even add extra padding, or any other material where required to increase comfort to match your own unique needs.

3.   A Feeling Of Being Unique

When we make custom clothing, it’s because we want to make ourselves be unique. Some of us don’t like to follow trends and wear the same things that everyone else is. Our personality is our brand and we prefer to be authentic by bringing our own flair to our clothing.

Custom shoes are another way to add to that. In the modern-day, being unique is difficult because of the sheer number of products out there and the way they are advertised. People are constantly exposed to “unique products” that stop being unique once many people start purchasing them. Therefore, getting a custom design done with your personalized colors allows you to stand out from the crowd and wear something that is uniquely yours.

4.   You Can Set Your Budget

Shoes can be expensive depending on what you want out of them. Big brand names will always mark up their prices to keep up their brand, and shoes with additional features such as memory insoles will cost a pretty penny more. If you’re looking for a shoe with the good build quality, design, and comfort, you will be paying a premium price in the average market.

However, if you already know what you want out of a shoe, then getting it custom-made will be cheaper and worth your money. The shoe will fit right, look great, and have the added functionality such as arch support you need – within an expected price range.

If you’re looking for custom-made shoes, you’re in the right place with BBespoke. We have a selection of pre-designed options to help inspire you, or you can bring in your own designs and we can make it for you. Don’t settle for anything less than the best fit when it comes to your footwear. Speak to one of our agents today and learn more about our custom-shoe design process.